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holy shit where do i start? uh okay you guys know i support my boys in everything they do and that i love them so much but holy hell what did i watch. let us begin.


i’ve seen the fandom against Ben before but holy fuck. this time is different. and hilarious.


i’m already laughing and we…

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omg stiles and the nogitsune sitting on the tree playing goe. very creative jeff davis… veeerryyyy creeeatiivvee….

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Ok…so….WHAT happened? 

oh god this is eating me alive. WHAT IS IT!?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED WITH MELISSA, MCCALL, AND THE SHERIFF!?!?

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do you know how sick it would be to see stiles as a werewolf? holy sexyness!!!

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literally was hyperventilating when oliver started to come at stiles with the drill.

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i’m literally just waaayyy tooo confused to even process anything right now so i’m going to bed k bye.

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haha scott’s face is like, “what…..” after peter is like, “we’re gonna get into his head!” 

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waiting for this sneak peak of the last 4 episodes and im sooo tired like that should’ve been the first thing on wolf watch idc what else they wanna talk about just play the preview so i can go to bed god.

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i’m scared.

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lol waiting for the hit..

lol waiting for the hit..

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